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آتش زدن عكس خامنه‌ای در قزوين /Khamenei on fire Qazvin Nov. 2010

Burning picture of Khamenei by brave students of Qazvin.

” Death to Khamenei, Death to Dictator” مرگ بر اصل ولایت فقیه

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graffiti writings against Khamenei in Iran for students day- nov.4,2010

On the verge of 13 Aban (Student Day in Iran, Nov. 4) brave students of Iran write slogans in public areas in various cities against Khamenei and show that their efforts for freedom will never be silenced. – Iran Students Committee

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Strikes continue to grow in Iranian Bazaar’s as talks on taxes break down

According to Tabnak, on Saturday there was a meeting between the heads of the Gold unions and the tax department authorities in Iran. The goal of this meeting was to make an agreement in implementing the new tax rule on gained profit (VAT tax).  But this meeting ended without any results due to the continuous protests by union activists and they declared that this rule should not be implemented.

After the unsuccessful meeting in the morning, there was going to be another meeting that afternoon in the office of the secretary general of the tax organization.  But, two hours into this second meeting, union authorities declared that they are not going to take part in the meeting and they prefer to follow their requests by continuing to close their shops.

Strikes have now also spread to Qom.  The gold sellers, especially in the Tala Mall, went on strike yesterday and closed their shops today.  There were a large amount of plainclothed agents around the closed shops which made it impossible to take pictures of the strike.  According to reports, the gold sellers will continue their strike tomorrow.  It is worth mentioning, Khamenei is scheduled to visit Qom next week.

In Qazvin, in a show of solidarity, the gold sellers also went on strike.  They marched in protest to the Tax Affairs Organization in the province of Qazvin.

According to reports from Tehran, a number of  Basij and plainclothed agents entered the gold merchants Bazaar in Tehran to counter the striking merchants. They attacked the closed shutters of a number of shops with metal bars while chanting “death to the hypocrites.” (The term hypocrite, monafeq in Farsi, is used by the Iranian regime to refer to the PMOI)

These attacks were met by a strong reaction from a number of the merchants, which led to clashes between the merchants and the basij.  According to reports, these clashes occurred at 2 pm when a Basiji who attacked the closed shutters of shop was beaten up by merchants and was then taken to the hospital.

This report also says that the fabric merchants’ bazaar was  half closed and it was announced that other merchants intend to join the strike. 



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Bazaari’s go on strike in Tehran, Mashad, Shiraz, Nayshaboor, Sabzevar and Torbat Heydariyeh

Reports from Mashad say that the gold-sellers’ bazaar in Mashad has been on total strike on Thursday September 23 and on Saturday September 25.

Also on Saturday gold-sellers in Nayshaboor, Sabzevar and Torbat Heydariyeh went on strike.

As the strike began in Mashad on Saturday regime’s suppressive security agents called the sellers threatening them to break their strike.

Bazaaris say that the strike will continue until tax law changes.

A number of other merchants other than gold sellers also joined this strike.

These merchants have stated the reason for their strike as an increase of value added tax.

According to another report, a shop owner in the Edam Square said, “The malls and stores were blocked with bricks and store owners were not allowed to sell anything. They said they closed the shops because they had not paid their taxes. This measure has angered the merchants”.  

Also, the protest gathering in Sabze Maiden horrified the regime forces because this place and Tehran’s Great Bazaar witness the presence of tens of thousands of  people who always refer to these places for shopping, and regime is worried about the effect of the strike and the protest gathering on these people.


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May Day protests in Iran: Sanandaj, Qazvin, Shiraz and Ahwaz

Five arrests on May Day protests in Sanandaj

Freedommessenger – In Sanandaj, 100 workers and residents of this city gathered in front of the Emdad Committee and chanted anti-government slogans. The gathering turned into clashes between the suppressive forces and the workers. Five of the protestors were arrested.  The gathering of residents of Sanandaj on Friday night had also turned into clashes with the regime’s agents.

The workers of Hamid Ceramics Company in Qom turned the regime’s staged meeting on the occasion of International Workers’ Day that took place in Hosseinieh Eshq Ali Mosque into an event against the regime’s anti-labor policies.

The workers disrupted the speech of Talebi, the regime’s appointed Head of “House of Workers.” Despite the fact that the workers were not given permission to talk, they yelled their protests.

Talebi condemned the gathering of workers in front of the provincial office under the pretext that it would be exploited by the foreign media.

The workers ridiculed his remarks and prevented him from continuing his talks. They protested that they should not forgo their rights, and their justified demands should not be suppressed under the pretext that it would be used by the foreign media.

The workers said that a regime that feels threatened by a gathering of workers and uses anti-riot guards to suppress workers is devoid of any credibility.

Workers protesting in Qazvin, Shiraz and Ahwaz

On the occasion of the International Workers’ Day, thousands of workers have staged protests against their living standards and hardships and calling for their minimum rights.

In Qazvin, up to 8,000 workers have staged a gathering in the city’s sports stadium chanting “Workers, Unite, Unite”. They carry banners asking for annulment of the decision to close their factory and demanding payments of their unpaid salaries for the past seven months and the New Year bonuses for the past two Iranian New Years.

In Shiraz, hundreds of workers including the workers of “Fars Meat Industries” and “Ramak Milk Industries” have gathered in front of the Governor’s office. Workers of the long distance communications, who have not received their salaries for the past 13 months, also have participated in this protest. They carry a banner that reads “Imam Ali’s just rule, shame on you, shame on you”. This refers to the Iranian regime’s claim to be alike the Shiite Imam Ali’s just rule.

This demonstration has been surrounded by Iranian Security forces and other suppressive forces. Security forces have blocked the road to prevent people from joining the workers’ protest.

In Ahwaz, a group of workers of the Pipe Mill have gathered in front of the regime’s Labor Office to protest. They are holding a banner which says, “We will die from hunger but we will not accept to be humiliated”

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May Day Reports from Iran | Protests under heavy security

High Volume of Security in Tehran for International Worker’s Day

Astreetjournalist – Received reports indicate that in accordance with International Worker’s Day (that is recognized on May 1st) a high volume of security is apparent in Tehran, especially in the central region.

Military and disciplinary officers are concentrated in Enghelab Square until near Azadi Square. [Government-operated] vans are stationed around Enghelab Square.

The Kaleme website reports that the security agents are concentrated outside the Ministry of Labour and Laborer’s House (on Azadi Street). The area has been reported to look like a military zone.

There are also reports from Fatemeh Square

of security agents based across the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

A number of Iranian employers have threatened their staff with termination from their position if they decide to act in protest for International Worker’s Day.

Workers Gather in Protest after Labour Minister Speech in Mashad

Yesterday in Mashad, on the first national conference for the day of labour mobilization and celebration of worker martyrs, Abdolreza Sheikholeslami, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, analyzed the third verse of Surat Al-Baqarah from the Qur’an and then interpreted the concept of absence of the Imam and faith. Since the conference was supposed to be held on May Day and he did not mention the situation of workers in Iran,

a group of workers gathered after his speech in the Ayeha building to protest the minister’s talk.

One of the workers said, “We expected the minister to say better words on the improvement of workers situation, but he did not even mention workers.”

Another worker said, “When the Health or Education Minister talks, part of the speech focuses on congratulating nurses and teachers, but the Labour Minister spoke and didn’t say a word about workers.”

A worker Mohammad Karimi said, “The minimum we expected from the Labour Minister was that after he analyzed the Qur’an, he would talk about problems pertaining to workers and also provide solutions.”

He added, “Unfortunately, in our country, there is no value for workers. The proof of this is all the letters and correspondence I had with the Ministry of Labour since March 2009 that have gone nowhere.”

Buses Filled with Workers Stopped By Regime Forces, Man Badly Beaten

Despite the strong security atmosphere, a gathering began in front of the Ministry of Labour. Currently a crowd has gathered in Azadi and Enghelab Squares. Some people are holding flowers to commemorate May Day.

Between Enghelab and Azadi Squares, undeclared martial law continues. INA correspondent reports three buses full of workers coming from Varamin was stopped by police.

The forces acknowledged that the workers were on their way to the demonstration, but did not allow them to proceed. One worker was badly beaten and left there in his blood.

May Day Protest Gathering in Shiraz

Workers in Shiraz organized a protest gathering on the occasion of International Worker’s Day (I.e. May Day).

The gathering took place in front of Shiraz’s Azadi Avenue in the province of Fars. Demonstrators held banners that read: “Expelling workers will bring them a black destiny.” Another banner read: “Workers, congratulations on your day of employment, we won’t sit down until we get what is ours.”

One of the workers at the gathering said that in the last few months he has been expelled from the Gooshe Fars industrial complex and has not been paid his wages for seven months. The annonymous worker explained that Gooshte Fars Industrial Complex has been shut down for over two months and close to 1,200 workers are now unemployed.

Workers from the Gooshte Fars factory also protested their situation in March and April 2010.

Several Hundred Protesters Gather in Tabriz for May Day

Several hundred workers in Tabriz gathered in front of the Labour Department to celebrate International Worker’s Day

Based on reports recieved by Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran (HRDAI), several hundred workers and citizens gathered in front of the Labour Department on Khomeini Street in Tabriz and protested against massive expulsions, unemployment, and poverty.

The protests began at 11:00am (Tehran time) and hundreds of people continue to protest [as evening approaches]. The gatherings have taken place despite the vast presence of oppressive forces.

Eyewitnesses have reported over 40 cars belonging to regime agents stationed at the scene of protest. Also, a large number of baton-wielding motorcyclists are patrolling the streets. Plainclothes forces from the Ministry of Intelligence and the Revolutionary Guards are present in strong numbers as well.

Heavy security presence in Tehran and other major cities

According to eye witness reports, there were heavy security presence in Tehran and some other major cities of the country on International Worker’s Day.

Kaleme website reports on the large security and plain cities militia presence in the central areas of the Tehran and near Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare Organization.

Based on this report there have been gatherings and heavy security presence in other major cities of Iran including, Tabriz, Shiraz and Qazvin; in these gatherings workers by holding signs in their hands stressed that layoffs will bring the workers “Black fate” and some other signs read: “Worker, congratulation on your Unemployment Day” and “We will not give up until we gain our rights”.

There have also been some unconfirmed reports of clashes between protesters and security forces.

International Worker’s Day celebration in Saqez, Kurdistan

On may 1, 2010, at approximately 5:30am, a large number of workers moved toward Jaghal Mountain, a leisure hanging place for the citizens of Saqez (a city in the province of Kurdistan).

Around 8:00am, a large number of people also gathered at the mountain to celebrate International Worker’s Day.

First a moment of silence was held for those killed for the freedom of the working class. After, everyone stood up and a poem was read to break the silence.

Activist Mahmood Salehi addressed the crowd for Worker’s Day. An article was read by another activist, followed by a poem titled, “I am a worker.”

A student present at the gathering also gave a speech.

At the end, a nationwide resolution was read and then the people, in an organized manner, returned back to the city.

Coordinating Committee for the Formation of Worker’s Organizations

To see videos of May Day in Iran:  Droi’s vodspot

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Karoubi’s Life in Danger

Less than two weeks after presidential contender Mir-Hossein Mousavi’s nephew was killed from bullet wounds on Ashura day, presidential contender Mehdi Karubi, who was attending a mourning prayer to commemorate the last day of Muharram in the city of Qazvin, was attacked by Basij official vigilante para-military force who shot two bullets at his car.  

One of Karoubi’s aides told Rooz, “We have no doubts that the assassination attempt was carried out with the direct supervision of and coordination between Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and the Basij, because identified commanders from these forces were present at the scene.”  
Full story @ roozonline

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Mehdi Karroubi offers 5-point plan for start of reconciliation in Iran راهکارهای مهدی کروبی برای خروج از وضعیت کنونی

for پارسى

In an apparent response to the attack on Mehdi Karroubi in Qazvin by elements of the regime, he issued a statement in which he blasted  the authorities and said he would not be deterred.  He also offered up a five point plan to end the standoff.

He said that some in the establishment think that they can block the course of reform by closing down newspapers and putting reformers in jail … but I remain firm in the path that I have chosen.”  He also said, “such threats will not frighten me and will not weaken me in this path.”

“I have not faltered on my way in the face of increasing intimidation and threats. I have become more determined and prepared myself and my children for any disaster,” Karroubi said.  We were not aware that reclaiming your vote and protesting against political robbery is equal to being corrupt on earth and Mohareb (enemy of God) in these gentlemen’s eyes,” he added.

He then offers a five point plan as follows:

1) admission by Government officials of injustices 2) adherence to the values of the Islamic Revolution through guarantees such as freedom of the press and legal rights 3) adherence to non-violence for reform and acceptance of the Supreme Leader 4) acceptance of criticism and an end to violence against those who dissent 5) a national debate so Iranian people can make a free and informed decision about the way forward for the country.

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حمله چند مزدور وحشی به کروبی در قزوین

Video of basiji and other pro-government forces attacking Mehdi Karroubi’s car as he was leaving Qazvin.

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Mehdi Karroubi attacked and fired upon in Qazvin on January 8, 2009

Opposition leader, Mehdi Karroubi was once more attacked by a pro-government crowd on a trip to Qazvin. Etemad-e Melli news outlet, Saham News reports that his car was shot at by a group of government supporters in plain clothes.

Reportedly, Mehdi Karroubi was impeded from attending a mourning ceremony for the Shiite month of Moharram by a gathering of these plain clothes forces.

The head of Etemad-e Melli Party, was invited to Qazvin by Qazvin Member of Parliament, Nasser Ghavami. Saham news describes Mehdi Karroubi’s attackers as “mercenary forces hired by Basij and Revolutionary Guard Corps” who arrived in minibuses. They threw rocks and bricks at the opposition leader’s building.
Full story @ Radio Zamaneh

Also, In an interview with VOA, The son of Mehdi Karroubi, Hossein Karroubi describes the attack on his father in Qazvin.

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Our perserverance is our sword, Our unity is our shield, AZADI… is our destiny!

Brave Women Of Iran

A special note we would like to share with the brave and beautiful women of Iran; You have shown extraordinary courage, passion, pride, humility and humanity in the face of great injustice. The world has taken notice and we are all humbled by your strength and determination. If you are the future, then we all are comforted by how bright it will shine.

The One Who Wishes To Move A Mountain, Must Start By Removing Stones

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