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IRG commander (Ghasemi) estimated 2 million greens on Qods day

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Mousavi issues 13th statement

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Mousavi-Green Path of Freedom“This year’s Quds day demonstrations are considered as a turning point in the events of the past few months. The auspicious consequences of what happened as a result of this event are not exclusive to any group or way of thinking and is an achievement and excellence for all who have roots in this land, even for those who due to wrong judgements are not able to feel this gift and mercy at this time and day.

This blessing was the fruit of the Imam [Khomeini’s] foresight. He used to tell us many times to lay the right foundations so that even after you, those who would like to destroy are not able to do so. We may not have been successful in carrying out this guidance, however he himself did and raised all the pillars of the Islamic Republic based on the trust of the people and in each year, he established many rituals and assemblies so that no one would be capable of wiping out this base.

Al-Quds day is one such assembly. With such a ritual, one cannot distance the people from the events. With such an invite, one cannot protest against injustice in far away [lands] without providing and spreading justice inside [the country]. He [Imam Khomeini] dedicated this day not only to Palestine, but also to the oppressed and to Islam, so as not to leave any place for the slightest speculation. Now, the true value of his emphasis on the need for the continued participation of the people in their millions has become apparent.
Thirty years ago, the Imam [Khomeini] asked Muslims around the world to speak with one voice for their common pain, while at the same time maintaining their differences and plurality. This message is much related to what we have to say today; Islam doesn’t require us to think alike in order to be united. The unity that we have been invited to, accepts our differences and al-Quds day is a day on which Muslims seek to cure their common pain, while tolerating the variety that exists in their ways of thinking. Therefore, if this occasion becomes exclusive to a certain political group, it will lose its greatness year after year; its intended purpose will not come to fruition and it will no longer be a day for Islam and the oppressed.

The purpose of this day is to bring out all the different colours together. This year, this day was not like this, however, its goal for such a thing to materialise. In fact, on the last Friday of this year’s month of Ramadan, I was present amongst those who came to me with clinched fists and wished death upon me. In the chaotic scenes that followed, I went over their faces, and saw that I was fond of them. I saw that our victory is such that it has no losers. We must all be victors, even though some might become aware of this victory later than others.

In fact those who felt defeated following the events of this year’s al-Quds march benefited from it, more than anyone. They came to realise that three months of violence had not had the slightest [negative] effect on the people’s presence, and had actually amplified it. If it weren’t for al-Quds day, they probably wouldn’t realise the errors and pointlessness of their ways before February and would only face the dire consequences of their actions when it’s too late.

Violence is not the solution. All must enter in peace. Rage is like a roadster which throws its rider to the ground. In the face of the repulsive behaviour of the security forces, and continuous provocations of the through propaganda, people have a right to be enraged, even though this right does change the outcome of their rage. The results of our efforts are as much as the patience and courage we exhibit. If we slip towards radicalism, we might squander a week or month-long effort in a day and in one place. Our people see themselves as worthy of more suitable behaviour on the part of authorities because they are vigilant and wise, because a wise person is not he who can distinguish between good and bad, but also between good and better and bad and worse.

Better results than those obtained on al-Quds day are yet to come, as worse conditions than the conditions we are already opposing and enduring, also await us. In our historical situation, there is no clear vision about the outcome of unlawful conduct. As I mentioned in my letter to all prominent clerics, Afghanistan and Iraq are two lessons from the two sides of our country which we must not overlook. However these lessons do not deter us from reclaiming our rights, because we have the wisdom and patience to better out destiny without paying such heavy price.

What can materialise this great goal is holding on to the golden slogans that we have chosen. Nothing that affects the spirit of brotherhood and friendship between the people can ever lead to the restoration of our national unity and identity. We see Merciful Islam as the cure for our pains and we see the Islam that’s being presented by a portion of the leadership as backward.

We demand the full implementation of the constitution and a return to the Islamic Republic with its initial and moral authenticity. We want the Islamic Republic, not a word more, not a word less and the anarchists are those who with or without excuse, attempt to deviate from Islamic principles and suspend the constitution according to their personal will.

The political atmosphere of the country is not what Iranians wished for 30 years ago. People are asking what has prevented us from achieving our goals and brought us to this point. This is an important question which we also need to ask with regards to our current and future efforts. What must we do in order not to be faced with similar questions 30 years from now?

We will only reach this level of confidence, if we make our socio-political successes reliant on our day-to-day lives. Within the last century, we have had many such success stories, but they were all based on fighting; as long as the atmosphere of struggle and endeavour were alive, these successes would stay alive and as soon as people became tired or thought they must return home, the results would be perished. A struggle is a sacred act, but it is not lasting. What is lasting is life.

This is a lesson we drew from our soldiers in the eight year holy defence. In those days, two groups were present in the battle fields; the first group would fight the war and then thought to live life and expand their wealth; a second group who would go to the battle front for much richer ideals. They did not go there for benevolence, but for the aluminous environment there.”

“The importance of this year’s al-Quds was that it showed that new life that the people have chosen is will not be short-lived and temporary. If we had all stayed in our homes and the message was conveyed with the same amount of sincerity, this would not reduce our accomplishment.
Living the green path means repeating this message in the most defiant way, every day whether it is in our houses, at work, in the alleyways, streets and our daily lives.”
“When we speak of strengthening social networks or living the green path, we are immediately asked, how? In the same way that you are. The question is not to form social networks that don’t exist and then to strengthen them, but it is the power of the people in the social networks which have occurred between them naturally. We must recognise their importance.
This year, al-Quds day demonstrated to us that like an infant, this network is growing at an unbelievable speed, and finding its voice and maturing very quickly and earning the respect and praise of all. Our responsibility now is to spread the ideas surrounding it and to protect this promising phenomenon by noting its importance.
“There is a power in the wisdom of our people that makes it unnecessary for it to endure many hardships. Our people are ready to pay the price for reclaiming their rights … nevertheless, if we want sustainability from our social networks’ accomplishments, we also need to learn courage and intuition.

Due to a wrong and adventurous foreign policy of the government which our people have been stricken with, the country is on the verge of deep crises which will mostly effect the poorer sections of society. If we moved forward with the logic of fighting, we might have naively assumed this to be an advantage for our green path. But this not the case when we want to live the green path.

This is our country and our lives and we are the ones who should be concerned about these problems and show sensitivity towards them. Economists, relying on official figures released by this very government, have announced that tens of billions of dollars have gone missing within recent years and the bodies who are supposed to react to this issue are indifferent to the enormity of these missing sums which are enough to equip armies, and instead they are engaged in the political groupings.

Which one of them do we expect to care about the enforced suffering of the people? If we do not show concern over what disrupts life in this country, no one will do it for us. Our economists are alone in their protest, out of fear that they might face the same fate as those who opposed the immoral acts in prisons. There was a time when $ 20000 dollars gone missing from the treasury was enough for someone to bring down a government. However now, the warnings issues about such big figures fail to cause slightest reaction.

Recently, a group of Iranian professors residing abroad presented their view of the green path of hope and stated that the aim of this movement is anything that fulfils the national interests of the Iranian nation. They also recommended to thank other nations for the support and to ask them not to participate in any sanctions against Iran. I accepted their opinion, because this is not a sanction against a government, but an enforcing of hardship upon the people who already have to put up with the disaster of their rulers. This is what living the green path means and we oppose any sanctions against our own nation.”

“As life continues, individuals are not eternal. Any group that ties its fate to the presence or absence of individuals will eventually end up disenchanted. Whenever a people give special treatment to one of their own without any reason, they will lose their ability to rationalise in the face of their will and will grant opportunity to the ruthless to encroach.
People who want to stand on their own feet and experience a prosperous life are to avoid the initial steps that lead to their demise with great caution. My birthday is not the 29th of September, but it is the day I met you. Even if I had been born on the 29th of September, there would be no need to harm your movement with the creed of an individual. I hope that you take my word kindly and out concern and not as an unauthentic display of modesty.
Your brother, Mir-Hossein Mousavi

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روز قدس ، حمله به خانه مردم ، رشت /Quds day, Rasht

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Quds green day in Tehran – pol karimkhan – 18 September 2009

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Breaking News: Sephah’s Leaked radio on ghods Day September 18 09

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Iranians counter-attack Basij and then set motorcycles ablaze

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Video: Setting Picture of Khomeini and Khamenei on FIRE! 18 Sept 2009

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Ayatollah Montazeri forced to cancel important annual prayer

Sat, 19 Sep 2009

montazeri 2Grand Ayatollah Montazeri was forced by authorities to cancel his annual prayer marking the end of Ramadan.

According to his website, “after years of holding the prayer of Eid al-Fitre with him [Ayatollah Montazeri] as Imam, which caused problems for worshipers due to the large crowds, time constraints, this year, the prayer will not be held due to the closure of the Hosseiniyeh [mosque] and his imminence’s old age.”

Pressure on Ayatollah Montazeri increased last week after his open and brave letter to various clerics. Up until now, 3 of his grandchildren and a wife of one of his grandchildren have been arrested.

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Ejei, Iran’s prosecutor general warns ‘law-breakers’

ejeiIran’s prosecutor general, Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Ejei, has warned that “law-breakers” that seek to cause tension in the country will be met with a “serious response.”

“We will seriously respond to those whose illegal acts will cause tension in the country and will pave the way for presence of foreigners,” Mohseni-Ejei told Fars news agency on Saturday.

He stressed on the importance of observing laws to maintain security in the country and said, “We should not let the enemy cause insecurity in the country.”

“We should restore security and tranquility to prepare grounds for Iran’s economic, political, social and cultural development,” added Ejei, who served as the intelligence minister during President Ahmadinejad’s first term.

 His remarks came a day after supporters of leading opposition figures Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi paid no heed to official orders to avoid illegal gatherings and used the occasion of the Qods (or Jerusalem) Day to take to the streets.


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روز قدس – هوو کردن بسیج و ماشین وانت بسیج Rooz Ghods

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Our perserverance is our sword, Our unity is our shield, AZADI… is our destiny!

Brave Women Of Iran

A special note we would like to share with the brave and beautiful women of Iran; You have shown extraordinary courage, passion, pride, humility and humanity in the face of great injustice. The world has taken notice and we are all humbled by your strength and determination. If you are the future, then we all are comforted by how bright it will shine.

The One Who Wishes To Move A Mountain, Must Start By Removing Stones

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